Thailand Orthopedic Surgery Medical Travel Tours to Thailand at Top Orthopedic Hospitals in Bangkok. By Thai Board Certified Doctors and Orthopedic Surgeons that Specialize in Various Bone and Joint Problems.

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Thailand Surgery Travel Tour GuideDear prospective patient,

Is severe joint pain interfering with your life?

Then investigating your options is the first step. For some this could mean total joint replacement and for others something less invasive will be a better choice. Hopefully you will find information on our site to answer many of your questions, explain treatment options and offer real costs in Bangkok Thailand.

In May of 2000 I came here for my first surgery. To learn more click here.

Following that trip periodically I offered help to friends traveling to Thailand for their medical needs. Three years ago I moved here permanently with my family, we bought a home, opened and licensed our business. We are well known and respected here in the medical community with a growing list of satisfied patients.

As a prospective patient what you want to know is
        What can we do for you?
        How much will it cost?
        Will you feel comfortable using us?

Current Time:
Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 7am - 5pm
US Toll Free: 1 800 735-9035
AUS Toll Free: 1 800 775-384
Direct: +66 89 814-4232

Best choice Is to call me contact us when we are open. In less than five minutes you will know prices for the procedures you require and if you think you’ll be comfortable coming here.

What makes us unique is I have done what you contemplate and I answer or return phone calls personally. I am married to a Thai so I believe I understand things here as well as any American. Finally I am building a business so I don’t want everybody to come. I only want the patients who need something we do well who believe that what I offer makes sense. Therefore I will tell you exactly what I can deliver and the actual costs guaranteed!

After 5 minutes you’ll know IF this is a viable option for you. There is no other place to get this information as easily.

Or use contact us, ask for specific procedures (don’t explain symptoms we cannot diagnose via e-mail) and we will send you our reply including an accurate quote.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Brennan
ThaiMed Affiliates Medical Tourism Travel Care
ThaiMed CEO